Vertical Fashion | Radical Basics

Who we are?

We are a heterogeneous group, working in Italy, held together by a passion for the beautiful and going beyond boundaries and conventions .Our mission is to offer an essential luxury to a sophisticated clientele with the best value for money in the market.

What is our design concept?

All our products are created by a small group of designer obsessed with detail. We propose to offer a basic essentials that combines comfort and style and can be wear for years. Instead of offering 10 different options for each product, we only offer the best for each category.

How can we ensure the quality of our products?

We look for the best materials and spend several months searching for the most qualified suppliers around the world to make our products. We do not work like fast fashion using cheap materials or as the luxury industry that recharges from 6 to 8 times but we eliminate any superfluous cost. With us you do not have to overpay the quality or adapt to a poor product but you can have the best at a fair price.

Does Vertical Fashion have a particular meaning?

This name symbolizes our different approach to distribution that is "vertical" in the sense that it is directed from production to consumer without intermediate passages. This way of working differs substantially from the one commonly used by other brands that is "horizontal" in the sense that there are various intermediate operators such as agents, distributors, stores that stretch the distribution chain and greatly increase the sales price of the product. We are the first Italian brand that only sells online and this allows us to work with the finest materials and the best factories by cutting the costs of useless intermediaries and offer this savings to you.

What is the meaning of the written Made for You?

Every product is thought, designed and realized by thinking that you should use it. We are not big on trend or on development fast fashion collections , but we create garments that can be worn over the years and become part of your way of being.

Where do we make our products?

We design in Italy but we are looking for the best producers around the world. Some of these suppliers are usually working for the luxury industry, others are small factory who have developed a specific and unique know how in the realization of their products. Everyone is accustomed to the ability to meet our high quality standards and your expectations.

What is our business policy?

We have a clear and transparent approach as we believe you have the right to know what is the price differential between a product created by us and what you would normally pay with a traditional distribution. For this reason, for each product, we indicate our price and that of similar items that you would normally pay on the market.

How can we guarantee the rights of workers involved in the production and distribution of our products?

We believe in our work and make every effort to make everyone's work more humane and dignified. We try to improve the lives of those who work with us to which we recognize a fair earning and we want each one to grow , to progress and to place , as we do, the fundamental values of man in the first place.

Why is respect for the environment part of our DNA?

We think of the environment as we think ourselves: we must protect it and preserve it by creating products that are as sustainable as possible. From packaging, materials, work cycle and transportation, we constantly seek solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of each single product.

Why have they called "rule breakers"?

We always question ourselves and we are not afraid to change direction and status quo. Nothing is worse than settling or choosing the simplest solution and we will not let go until we get the result we want. We challenge each day and are not afraid to start over again to offer you the best.

Do you need to register for a purchase?

Registration is required to make an order. To register to the site just click on the link on the top right "REGISTERED" and enter your details. This procedure is only to be performed on the first purchase as it will only be enough to enter only your e-mail and password and you will be recognized.

How do I know my size correctly?

We know that sometimes it may be difficult to establish your own size in online purchases. For this reason, each article has defined a guide to the sizes in which the fundamental measures of that particular item are clearly indicated. Also in the fit section are showed the measurements and the size worn by the model , so as to facilitate the choice of the right size as much as possible. For any doubt you can always contact us at

How can I change or cancel an already confirmed order?

To cancel a confirmed order not jet paid just enter your private area and cancel the order that is displayed in the customer order section. If you want to change an already confirmed order you must first cancel it and then proceed with a new order.

What are the payment methods accepted?

You can make payment by bank transfer, with your PayPal account or by credit card. All major credit cards including Visa, Maestro and American Express are accepted.

What are the risks using a credit card payment?

Credit card data (expiration date and expiration date) pass through encrypted code directly to PayPal's secure server, which is the payment transaction agent. No other party may access such information. Customer Service Operators are not authorized to receive credit card information or customer account numbers.

What documents do I receive when I buy it?

All orders shipped are accompanied by an invoice when requested or receive in other cases where is indicated the exact total amount of the purchase items , as provided by the rules governing international trade.

In which countries are the goods shipped?

At the moment, we only ship to Italy and all countries of the European Economic Community.

Is it possible to change the ordered goods?

Yes of course you can change, for one time, at no extra cost the size and / or color of the item purchased within 15 days of delivery. To make a change just follow the online procedure available in the personal area by choosing a new size and / or color from the ones available.

How can I return an order?

If you want to return one or more items just access, within 15 days of your delivery date, the online return process available in your personal area. For more information, see our Returns section.

Is the return available for all items?

Personalized or customized products cannot be returned or those items (such as underwear) that for reasons of health or hygiene cannot be returned.

How long can I receive payment for a return?

Returns will be refunded within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of the return. All refund will be made with the same payment method used for the purchase. The effective visibility date of the credit may change for factors independent of the responsibility of as the time to view the refund on your account depends on the card issuing agency or your bank.

What should I do if I receive a damaged or defective item?

Below are some cases that may occur. At the time of delivery, the package clearly appears to have been damaged: in this case it is recommended to sign the delivery with reserve or to refuse it. If instead you find that the garment has failed or has a lack of conformity please inform our customer service and follow the return procedure available online in the reserved area by choosing among the reasons for return of the defective goods and non-compliant. In case of acceptance of the faulty return will reimburse the purchase price of the garment and shipping costs.