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The offer and the sale of products on our website ( are governed by these General Sales Conditions. and (hereinafter "the Site" or "VF") is managed by CMC Srl, Via Bendandi 10, 47122 Forlì Italy, Part Iva 00459550406 (hereinafter CMC). When the Customer makes a purchase order through the Site, the relevant sales contract between the Customer and the Site will be administered in accordance with these Terms and Conditions mentioned below.



Purchases with are simple, fun and safe. Customer can easily view the collections, choose the product, order it and within 15 days of receiving it can return or change it easily. The online store proposes exclusive VF products (clothing, accessories, etc.) and VF products that the customer can customize or modify to make them more responsive to his personal taste (adding embroidery, patches, prints, etc.) To navigate between the proposals, just select a CATEGORY and then choose the desired product. Each product is accompanied by a descriptive card containing model information, price, composition, wash instructions, sizes and colors. By selecting the PERSONALIZE button, the Customer can customize and modify its products to make them unique and exclusive. By adding to SHOPPING BAG, the desired item is placed in a virtual cart that allows you to continue browsing the other pages of the site pending confirmation of the order. You can add new purchases at any time or, with the ARTICLE DELETE feature, exclude those already selected. By clicking on the SHOPPING BAG link, you will find the prices of the individual items purchased and the total amount of the order, still partial and unconfirmed.Before confirming the order, any shipping charges, the accepted payment methods and the possibility of using any discount vouchers are clearly indicated. To proceed with the order, if you are already VF customer simply enter your email and password, and the system will automatically recognize you. If it is your first visit to the online store, you must register to the site by providing your details (name, surname, address and email) and choosing a password so that you can have more simplicity in future purchases and have a history of online orders or returns made. When recording is complete, the system will store the information and the customer will be automatically recognized during subsequent visits. By entering your private area you can modify your data at any time. When the order is confirmed you will be introduced to the payment page. The order will be accepted when the payment transaction is authorized. The acceptance of the orders is scheduled in weekdays, from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. The orders placed during the weekend will be processed from the following Monday morning.


The online store,, offers to its customers the chance to pay by credit card, Paypal or via wire transfer. There is no other accepted method of payment. The financial information of the customer that buys on the website VERTICALFASHION.COM (credit card number, expiry date, and other personal data) will be exclusively managed by Pay Pal , the bank in charge of all on line transactions. Further information on Pay Pal are available, consulting the web siteWWW.PAYPAL.COM Thanks to an encrypted code no one will be able to retrieve the personal financial data. The operators of the are not authorized or able to obtain information on credit cards and bank account numbers of the customer.


On the web site Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted. Once the purchase has been made, the customer provides his credit card details in a protected electronic bank system controlled by Pay Pal that grants maximum security during the transaction. If the credit card covers the order amount and the given details are valid, the bank authorizes the transaction. The customer will receive an e-mail that will confirm the successful transaction.


Customers may also pay purchase with verified Paypal accounts. accepts Paypal payment coming from verified account and reserves the right to send the merchandise only to the address indicated in the verified account. All the payments sent from unverified Paypal account will be cancelled.


By choosing the "wire transfer" payment method, the customer automatically sends an order request to VF. The order will be confirmed by an email containing the bank details. The goods will be put aside while awaiting the arrival of the wire transfer to our bank account. The customer is required to make the payment within 48 hours of receipt of the order confirmation.


Value voucher is a custom code that allows you to have a discount on purchases on the site. It can only be used once or for the specified period and can not be converted into cash and will only apply to articles whose sales value exceeds the voucher value of at least one Euro.


VF will deliver in Italy and all over the European Economic Community through express courier service DHL. The products delivered from are packed properly and carefully to ensure protection of the goods .The merchandise is accompanied by the invoice when it is requested or by a receipt in other cases that includes the code and description of the ordered item, the quantity and its value.


All accepted orders for products in stock will be processed within three working days, while custom products will usually be shipped within 10 business days. All shipments depart from CMC S.r.l.Via Bendandi 10- 47122 Forlì Italy (company that manages the site) only on business days, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be handled next Monday.


The customer can monitor his shipment status at any time, thanks to our DHL service. The customer will receive a confirmation mail when the merchandise departs that includes the tracking number that allows the customer to monitor progress


Delivery times are conditioned by the destination areas of the products.ITALY: delivery is expected to take place within two days of shipment.EU countries: delivery is expected to be within three business days of shipment.


Shipping costs are those clearly stated at the time of purchase and no additional costs are requested by the courier for delivery of the parcel.


Once the goods reach destination it is the customers duty to carefully inspect the packaging before signing and therefore accepting the parcel. If conditions of the parcel suggest that it has been tampered with or damaged the customer has the right to refuse the delivery. Such issues should be communicated immediately to the local DHL office and to CUTOMER SERVICE. If the customer refuses delivery all expenses involved in returning the goods to will be deducted from the refund due to the customer. If the delivery was impossible to make due to the address details provided by the customer at the moment of purchase all expenses involved in returning the goods to will be deducted from the refund due to the customer.

4. ORDERS INFORMATION grants a high level of customer service. It’s possible to receive updates and information about your order status by sending an e-mail to OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Customer has the right to terminate this contract within fifteen (15) days without giving any reason.The 15-day withdrawal period is calculated from the day on which the Customer, or a third party appointed by him, excluded the courier, has / have taken possession of the items. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you can use one of the following methods:1-Using the return procedure available directly online at . 2 - The Customer may send to VF any explicit statement of the decision to withdraw from the contract (example a letter sent by mail, fax or email to CMC Srl Via Bendandi 10 47122 Forlì Italy -fax +39 0543 774037 ). The Customer may use the withdrawal form conforming to the type form in accordance with Article 49, paragraph 4 of the Italian Consumption Code, even if the use of this form does not is required. If you have chosen to use the online return procedure available on VF will be sent a confirmation by email of the receipt of the withdrawal request. If it has been chosen to send another return statement, the burden of proving the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal will be borne by the Customer. If the Customer decides to withdraw from the Contract, all payments made will be reimbursed, including shipping costs (except for additional charges in case the Customer has chosen a different delivery method than the Standard Delivery Offered by VF), with immediate effect and within a maximum of fourteen (14) days from the date on which the VF received notification of withdrawal from the contract. For redemption will be used, the same payment method chosen by the Customer during the first transaction . No refunds will be charged to the Customer under any circumstances. Refunds may be suspended until products have been received and verified their integrity and compliance with the conditions of rendering as specified in Section 5.2. The costs and the responsibility of the shipment for the delivery are borne by the Customer unless the return procedure and the procedures provided on the VT Site have been used within the reserved area of the user. In this case the Customer using the freight forwarder indicated by VT will not have to carry out in person the payment of the costs, at his expense, of the return of the purchased products. The payment of the refunds will be made on behalf of the VF directly, thus releasing the Customer from any payment obligation to the shipper. VF for the payment of the refund, will in fact repay a prepayment amount equal to the standard shipping cost of the purchased products. Customer must return the products no later than fifteen (15) days from the date on which notice is withdrawn from the contract and only if the products returned are intact and never used. It constitutes an exception to the right of withdrawal and therefore the Customer has no right to withdraw from the contract in the case of: 1-delivery of personalized items or made according to specific customer requirements or tailor made to personal needs; and / or 2-Delivery of items that can not be returned for health or hygiene reasons, and if the authenticity tag has been removed or destroyed.


  • 1 - All items for sale on the site are delivered with an authenticity card attached to the clothing using a Vertical Fashion ' s logo. The clothing must be tried for size without removing this card and without damaging it . Returns will be accepted only with authenticity card attached to the clothing . We will in no case accept returns with the authenticity card broken, disconnected, removed or tampered with.
  • 2 - The Items that have any sign of use or wear will not be accepted and will be returned to the client.
  • 3 - The items needs to be returned under the same conditions in which they were shipped to the customer and must be wrapped and packed properly.
  • 4 - All the other labels of the item, both in tissue or pending, must never be removed from the article.
  • 5 - The goods to be returned must be handed over only to DHL Express Courier within 15 days from the date of delivery
  • 6 - Customer who wishes to make a change of size or color, must submit the resizing procedure for size change available on the VT site within 15 days according to the conditions set out in point 5.4
  • 7 - will not accept returns for underwear items and bathing suits or personalized items on Customer's specifications.
Failure to comply with any of the above conditions, VF reserves the right not to accept the goods delivered and to return it to the Customer at the expense of the latter or not to fully repay the sums paid for the purchase, in relation to those products that have not been covered by the tag or have been altered in their essential and qualitative characteristics or that they have been damaged or worn.


The items must be returned to the same packaging as they were received. Inside the package, the customer will find a pre-printed label with the address to which the return is made and if it is lost it is always possible to request a new one by email. All items returned will be subject to inspection by VF staff which will verify compliance with the conditions and parameters listed in the yield conditions.


If the return procedure was performed properly, in compliance with all mentioned conditions, the Customer will receive an email of acceptance of occurred return. The reimbursement will usually happen by redirecting the amount due to the processed credit card (if the case the order was paid by credit card), PayPal account(if the order was paid with PayPal)or wire transfer in the case of bank transfer.


Customer who wishes to make a change in size or color, must submit the resizing procedure for size change available online on the VT site within 15 days. Products that are intended to be changed must not have been worn, damaged, or removed from the authenticity mark, and generally comply with the performance conditions as specified in Section 4.1. Exchange is only allowed once and afterwards the Customer must perform the return procedure and make a new order on the VF site. If the Customer fails to comply with Section 4.1, VF reserves the right not to accept the goods made for the change of size or color and to return it to the Customer at the expense of the Customer.



In order to make purchases on the website, you must:
  • 1 - be a “Final Customer”, meaning that whoever makes and order has no intention to use the purchased goods for resale or any other commercial use
  • 2 - be over 18 years of age
  • 3 - meet the legal requirements for subscribing a binding contract
  • 4 - have a account and a valid e-mail address
  • 5 - hold a valid bank account or credit card accepted for payment at (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or a verified Paypal account
  • 6 - be aware and accept that the use of the website is governed by the laws in force in the Italian Republic


All contents of the website (texts, images, fonts, graphic design, music, software, codes and format scripts) are exclusive property of CMC Srl and are protected by copyright. They cannot be reproduced in any way unless under express prior and written consent by CMC Srl. Similarly, it is categorically forbidden any use of content and brands on the site (copy, reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or redistribution) unless specifically authorized by CMC Srl. declines any liability connected to the unfortunate event in which, due to a malfunction or particular configuration of customer's computer or screen, the colors of products shown on the site do not faithfully reflect the original item. If, however, discrepancies between the items online and those represented on the site - due to sudden change - Customer Service of agrees to provide timely inform customers in the event of no availability of ordered items from the site. guarantees the protection of its website in accordance with international standards for Internet, but declines any responsibility to deal with problems, damage and risks that the client may encounter while using the site or any malfunctions associated with the decommissioning of cookies browser. Using this site - which contains information about item and how to purchase them - meaning that the user / customer accepts the rules and terms and conditions of this declaration. Non-acceptance of such permits allows to exercise the right to request the users / customers of not use of the mentioned site.


The purchase of the goods suggested on the site is reserved for “Final Customers” only as described in the point no. 6.1 above and here briefly summarized: “Final Customer”=User of the platform who makes only personal purchases with no further commercial or professional reasons connected to the goods involved. invites all users that do not identify in the above description to refrain from making orders. will therefore decline orders from users that fail to comply to the Trade Policy. reserves the right to a) refuse enforcement of an order in the event that our bank (Pay Pal) delivers a negative opinion after checking the transaction with the customer's bank b) to refuse its services or evasion of orders to anyone at any given time, to make corrections and / or changes to the site and its contents if it deems necessary and without giving prior notice, and is also committed - if reported or spotted - to make corrections of any technical errors or wording on the site. cannot in any way guarantee that the site content (text, images, fonts, graphic design, music, software, codes and format scripts) comply with regulatory requirements in countries other than the Italian Republic. declines any liability for access to the site from other places or countries where their content is deemed illegal or contrary to law. All users accessing the site from these places or countries are doing so under their own responsibility fully accepting that they are solely responsible for compliance with local laws and penalties that they may incur. For any dispute arising or resulting from this contract, the parties derogated from by agreement the jurisdiction of court in favor of Forlì. All personal data supplied by the client will be treated in full respect of D. Decree 196/2003, Art. 13 and following of the Italian Republic. We invite the customer to see the site PRIVACY