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Quality clothing - Quality clothing -

Quality clothing quality clothing

Vertical Fashion | Radical Basics // Quality clothing

Quality clothing - quality clothingVertical Fashion | Radical Basics - Quality clothing

quality clothing t-shirt linen

t-shirt linen

quality clothing

t-shirt linen

Vertical Fashion | Radical Basics //Quality clothing

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We want to break the established rules and offer a new idea of luxury that is accessible, sustainable and at the same time based on an ethical concept of mutual respect.

Luxury at the best price

In order to reach this purpose, we decided to be the first Italian brand to sell online only. This allows us to work with the finest materials and the best factories by cutting the costs of useless intermediaries and offering this savings to you and the best value for money.

Radical Basics

We are not big on trend or on fast fashion collections: we create timeless products that can be worn over the years and become part of your way of being. We call this Radical Basics. All of our pieces are characterized by extreme care for detail; to achieve this goal we spend several months to find the most qualified suppliers around the world.

Transparent Prices

We believe you have the right to know the real price of the products you buy. We call this Transparent Prices.For this reason we have decided to publish the real costs of each product - from materials to labor to final markup. For each item we indicate our price and that for similar items of traditional retail.

For the Planet

We think of the environment as we think of ourselves.
We must protect and preserve it by creating products that are as sustainable as possible. From packaging, materials, working cycle and transportation, we constantly seek solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of each product.